Resources for building the smt CI-V interface

Part Designation Description Digi-Key part number
C1, C2, C3, C4 .01 µf 50v ceramic 1206 size PCC103BCT-ND
C5, C6, C7, C8 .000470 µf 50v ceramic 1206 size PCC471BCT-ND
C9, C10 1 µf 25v tantalum PCS5105CT-ND
R1, R2 4.7kohm 1/8w 1206 size P4.7KECT-ND
U1 MAX233A (SO-20) MAX233ACWP-ND
U2 7407 (SO-14) DM7407M-ND
U3 78L05 (SO-8) LM78L05ACM-ND


1.  Board is capable of separate TTL input/output which is used by some transceivers.  For use with Icom CI-V, connect the XCVR OUT to the XCVR IN using the pad provided and omit C5 or C7 as appropriate.

2.  U1, U2, R1, and R2 are mounted on the top of the board.  All other components on mounted on the bottom.

PC board top view here.

PC board bottom view here.


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